Smart Touch Controller in Orlando, FL

The Twin Intermediate Line (TIL) is a water treatment system designed especially for light commercial water consumers such as restaurants, offices, laboratories, dairy farms and car washes. Hague's commitment to quality in engineering and manufacturing helps to maintain value and consistent quality.
Our patented valve design is simple and efficient, and has demonstrated exceptional reliability after more than fifteen years of dependable field operation in hundreds of thousands of installations nationally and internationally.

Six models are available with flow rates ranging from 9.25 to 37 gpm.
Smart Touch - Smart touch controller in Orlando, FL
Smart Touch screen - - Smart touch controller in Orlando, FL

Comprehensive Control with a Touch

Ultimate control at your fingertips

Hague Quality Water International is proud to present the Smart Touch Control. Full color touch screen display with new customized settings. Similar in function to the 6 button controller the Smart Touch Controller offers a familiar functionality, but far superior looks, custom settings, and navigation. Contact your Hague representative today to discover what the Smart Touch Controller can do for you.

Additional Smart Touch Controller Features:

  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Full color 3.25” touch screen
  • Customizable start-up screen
  • Password protected
  • “Quiet Time” setting
  • Power outage protection
Our team is here to offer guidance on operational maintenance and replacement requirements for optimal product performance. Contact us today to learn more about the Twin Intermediate Line (TIL) and getting soft water for your business.